Kelly McBrady Illustration

Frequently Asked Questions

Some important tidbits about me that get asked sometimes

Feel free to email me any others to:


How did you first get into children's books?

Oh boy, the short answer is because I love them so very much. The long answer is that I  have a background working as a graphic designer for a greeting card company for several years and was attracted to the themes of children's literature and using traditional mediums. I've always loved and collected children's books and wanted to start up my own illustration company.

What painting mediums do you use?

I use a range of different materials:

  • For my paintings I use watercolour (Holbein and Winsor & Newtown brand), acrylic gouache (Holbein Acryla Gouache), and/or Acrylic ( Liquitex).
  • For my sketchbooks and any extra details I use Albrecht Durer coloured pencils.
  • For my black and white illustrations I use ink and brushes and Pentel ink brush pens.

I have a shop and would like to carry your merchandise, do you wholesale/what's the password to your wholesale page?

Yes I do, please visit the Sign Up page above for more information and to sign up as a wholesaler.

Once I receive your information, I'll send you the secret password for the wholesale store!

Would you be interested in doing an illustration for me?

Yes! Please visit the custom illustration page for more info. I offer the following illustration services:

  • Custom Illustration 
  • Children's Book Illustration
  • Hand-drawn Logos
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding portrait paintings ( in my unique style)
  • Murals (Schools, Children's bedrooms, etc)

Would you be interested in illustrating my book?

Yes, if you have a publisher!

If you don't, please feel free to still email me about  the project. My decision depends on a few different variables (what the purpose of the children's book is, how much experience you have writing and creating children's books, intricacy and size of the project, contracts etc).

Depending on my schedule and the scope of your project,  we may be able to work together!

Will you come speak or do a workshop at my school/work?

Possibly! Please contact me for availability at